Seminar in creativity

Gabriella Wejlid is an appreciated speaker and workshop leader in creativity. She has written several books about how we can use our brain in a smarter way, and how we can develop the abilities we want to develop.

”I want every attendant in my seminars to get a whole new understanding for their creativity, to be filled with inspiration and energy and have efficient strategies and methods to use in their work and everyday life.”

Gabriella Wejlid

Strengthen your ability to think new thoughts!

I talk about how you could strengthen your ability to think new thoughts, develop new ideas, find ways around obstacles and discover new possibilities.

I also talk about how you could be more creative as a group, take advantage of your different experiences and develop each other’s ideas. We also look at how you combine creative thinking with logical and critical thinking, without blocking one another.

We do several practical, easy exercises that make the creativity flow. The exercises bring in a lot of energy and laughter and result in a great number of new thoughts and ideas. Even the people who doesn´t consider themselves creative at all, usually comes up with lots of ideas and discover the fun in letting their brain experiment with new connections and combinations.

The seminar is usually one to two hours long and can be used as an energy giving and interesting brake in a conference day, or as a start to a creative process.


  • The potential of the brain. How we build and create our brain every day, and how we can train and develop our ability to think new thoughts and find ways around obstacles.
  • How to increase the creativity in the group. How to be more creative together, build on each other’s ideas and use our different strengths and experiences to move forward instead of blocking each other.
  • 2-3 short exercises in letting the brain think freely, getting lots of ideas and finding flow.
  • The process of creativity and how you combine creative thinking with logical and critical thinking. How to use brainstorming.
  • Group exercise in developing a product by using lateral thinking and combining different areas of experience.

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Gabriella Wejlid


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